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License Question - Multiple users


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I am testing the calendar for my organization. We have:

  • One person who will be the master maintainer
  • 16 people who will maintain a calendar for their section.

We want to make the master calendar (which will contain some unique items) public and have some of the items from each of the other calendars presented on the master calendar. Some of the items from the other calendars will only be displayed on the calendar for that section. Is this possible?

Can some items from the master calendar be shared with the calendars for the sections?

Can the calendars have items that will be shown to the public and items that require a sign-in to be seen?

If the above is possible how many licenses would we have to purchase?

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The things you want to do are possible, and each by itself is pretty easy, but combined they become rather less straightforward.

It is possible to have some events from a section calendar to also show on the master calendar, as well as vice-versa. That is easy either way. The part that's hard is having all of the different views you described available to your audience. For example, if you wanted to show the section calendar with the events that show only on that calendar, you'd have to publish it separately from the master calendar, which only shows a subset of events from the section calendar.

Also, you'd have to publish two different configurations to have some items shown to the public and some available through a password. So total, if I understand correctly, it seems that you'd be creating at least 19 different views that you have to create and publish separately (one for the master calendar, 16 for each section, and two for the public vs. password access, not taking into account that you might want to combine some of those requirements). Again, it's possible, it would just take a bit of time to think about how you wanted to set up and publish your calendars.

Technically, each person who edits and shares calendars with you each needs to have a paid Trumba account. If you can trust your calendar editors, you could have an arrangement where you all sign in to the same account. That is perfectly ok as long as you don't have multiple people signing in and editing calendars at the same time as per the Terms of Use. But in this arrangement, anyone who can sign in to the account would have editing access to all calendars.

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