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Licensing Question - Multiple users editing


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Is there any plans to modify the existing pricing model. I would like to have 5 calendars that can roll up into one overall calendar. And for each calendar, I would need one user to have add/change/delete capability. This is for a non profit website and although I love your products capabilities, I find it hard to justify since it would cost me $600 per year to provide this edit access. I realize I could have all users login with one ID, but I want them only to be able to update their own calendar.

Would it be possible to use one Publisher license and 5 submission forms, (1 form for each of the 5 calendars)?

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Yes, you can have one Publisher account and on that account add on the Event Submission Form functionality as that will allow you to create as many submission forms as you require.  You (or whoever is the keeper of the overall calendar) would set up the calendars in your account so that when one of the other editors submits an event, they choose the category (calendar) it goes to. You can require approval or have the other editors submit directly to the calendar without approval.

To request the form, follow the instructions in this help topic.



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