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Invalid Email Address

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I have at least one email address I know is valid. In fact, I have tested it on two email testers to verify that the address is correct. However, when the scheduled emails are sent, I notice that the email address has been flagged as "an address to which we’ve been unable to send email one or more times."

Would you know why this happens?  Could it be that the network/firewall at is stopping the delivery?


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An address could be flagged for any number of reasons, and one possibility is the one you suggested. Another is that the recipient's email client software has strict settings about what is allowed through. Maybe another roadblock possibility could be at the point of entry to the organization's network. I don't have in-depth experience with email servers and the like, but I can take this address to someone who does and see if we can find anything. You might also want to ask the same question at the other end.

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We have over 1800 email addresses loaded into the Trumba Address book, and 4 of them are showing the double red !! suggesting Trumba has had a problem sending these people email. All 4 addresses are valid.

Aside from the fact that maybe these people inadvertently added the Trumba to a junk email list, I'm curious if someone there might have some additional input as to why these 4 are showing up like this. I deleted them, and re-added them to find the same thing.

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If you are finding that you can send email to these 4 addresses, then there's nothing that you need to change or that needs to be fixed. Basically, if at any time Trumba attempted to send email to any of these four addresses and it was blocked for any reason at all (such as an email server being down), Trumba will indicate this by showing a two red !! next to the address. It's just Trumba's way of letting you know that this address has been blocked at one time or another.

Trumba will still attempt to send email to any address in your send list, even if it has two red !!. So, if you know an address is valid but it has a red !, please contact Trumba Support and we can remove the bounced flag on the email address. You will also want to contact these folks and have them add trumba.com to their safe list.


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