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I have a filter for location on my calendar page and have noticed that when I edit the location field in an event, when I refresh my events page/calendar, the filter still lists the old location.

For example, I originally had an event listed as "childrens' department at all locations." So it was too long for the filter box size I need so I went into the event info in my trumba account, and shortened the location to simply "Childrens' department."

Well, my filter still shows "childrens' department at all locations" even after refreshing and trying to open the page in a new window...

Do the filters update on a scheduled basis and just have not had the chance - or am I missing something?

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Both the Search and Filter caches are updated every 20 minutes. Often times with a Filter control spud, you can wait 10-minutes or if you take another action on the calendar to force the calendar to refresh, that may be enough to refresh the Filter with the most current changes.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/trumbafaq.aspx#tfaq_tenminutes

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