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Settings and Grouping options on Calendar views


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Out of curiosity, why can't all of the calendar templates have the same settings and options for grouping? I know that you guys design each template to offer a unique look and for it to be different that the others and that is great, but maybe not really necessary. If all of the templates had the same options for grouping, defined fields and other settings, there would be less problems for users who like something about the Performance template, but don't like that you can't group things like the list template.

The different templates are great for getting a different appearance. Each template is designed to look different, wonderful for those of us who have different needs and want them to look a certain way based on what we use them for. However, I believe the functionality of the templates should not be different; but the flexibility to modify them, such as adding a defined field or defining the order of the fields is a way of altering them for each users preferences.

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What I'm explaining is my take on the intended use for the calendar views as they currently exist (and were originally released), not trying to dispute any future changes people have suggested based on their actual use.

The functionality between the list-based views and the classic calendar-based views is different just because of the nature of each category. For example, paging for the classic calendar views is inherent in the view itself, i.e., the month grid's paging is by month. I don't know that I've heard an argument yet that would convince development that it would be a good idea to add the paging and grouping to these classic views that aren't list based, but that doesn't mean there isn't one, and development is always interested in hearing the reasons people have for wanting something to be different.

I do agree that it would be nice for the Performance view in particular to have more flexible paging and grouping options, because it does look like a list-based format, and people have given some nice examples for how/why it could be better. But the current differences in functionality are intentional, because the purposes are slightly different (e.g., to display the same event that occurs multiple times in the same "group" vs. displaying events in order of date). Behind the scenes, because functionality inherent to the view needs to be implemented, it might cancel out the ability to support the functionality that the more straightforward list templates have -- I don't actually know for sure, but that's my best speculation. And when I say ability to support, I mean in its current form, not that it's impossible for it to be reworked to behave differently.

I also agree that it would be nice to be able to add your custom fields and display the fields you want in the order you want (including removing the default ones from the display in the main and event details views). Even this alone would help address some of the issues that have been brought up with the Performance template.

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