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Creating a URL to return Search results

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Is there any way that a search can be permalinked? Not the actual results, because they would be ever changing depending on the frequency of your events turning over. I mean the query. If I want to search "Sculpture" in my database of art contests, I get a list. Could that query be saved so that I could have links of popular search terms underneath the search spud. If a user clicked one of the popular search terms, a current list of events that met that search requirement would come up.

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If I understand correctly what you're asking, you can create your own URL that will return the results you want. It's actually kind of convoluted, but it's possible. Essentially, you build a REST-style URL, except you have to URL encode the parameters.

In your case, to use the search parameter to show only events that contain the string "sculpture", your URL would be as the ones below. (There should be no spaces in the code, but I wrapped the lines of code to keep them from getting too long on the screen.)


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