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Linking to a specific mixed in calendar in an embedded calendar

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Is there any way to link to a specific mixed-in calendar of an embedded calendar?

I have an embedded calendar with several mixed-in calendars. From a promotional spud on another page for one of the mixed-in calendars, I can link back to the embedded calendar to show the event detail. However, whether through the promotional spud's built in footer or my own machinations, I can't seem to get a link back to the embedded calendar showing just the one mixed-in calendar.

I've read about URL parameters and I know that you can create such a link for a hosted calendar or use code in the page embedding the calendar to do this. But I don't seem to be able to create such a link when linking to an embedded calendar. Am I missing something, or can this just not be done?

I realize I could just publish and embed the specific calendar I'm after and link to that page. :blink: I'm just trying to avoid having to maintain several different pages with embedded calendars.

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Setting up a filter view will work best for you. Create the filter view off of the top level published calendar and then the teaserBase URL of the promotion spud will include the filter view query string so when a person clicks on an event or See All from the promotion spud, they are taken back to your calendar in a filtered state honoring the filter view.

Here is a help topic to using Filter Views.

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