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Date Range for Embedded Calendars


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I am researching the use of Trumba to display our University's athletic schedule/scores table. I believe we've found that it will work pretty well. One remaining issue is whether or not we can set an embedded calendar to display a certain date range, and only a certain date range. Athletics seasons span months (and years) and aren't always contained nicely in one month increments.

I know there is a date= URL parameter that can be used to set a start date. Is there such a parameter to set an end date? I'm particularly interested in doing this for a Classic Table calendar view.

Additionally, as we like to archive our schedules/scores, this date range could be used to display old schedules (date ranges) from the same calendar -- assuming that past events are kept in the Trumba DB for some time. How long are they kept? Permanently?

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Currently anything that you put on the calendar that you publish -- be it in the past, present, or future -- is available in the spuds and feeds, even when you add parameters that manipulate the default display. For example, if you specify a start date in the URL parameters, people can still navigate back farther to see the past events.

The Classic Table and List views have some interesting Custom Grouping settings that will work for you. The default is to show events from current day forward. With Custom Grouping, you enter a label along with Start and End Dates. The calendar will then look for events that occur within your Start and End Dates and display those in that grouping.

Past events are kept as long as you have your account, and they are available for browsing in the spud by default. Many users do not want all past events to be discovered on their calendar, so you can create one or more Archived calendars and then move past events to these Archived calendars. You may decide to have an archived calendar for each year. In the Trumba environment, when you are in List view, you can quickly bulk move events from one calendar to another.

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