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Public vs Private / Internet vs. Intranet


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I would like to publish a Trumba calendar to my organization's Intranet. My idea is that this internal calendar would have events from our public (Internet) events calendar, as well as additional internal-only events.

I know I can use secure URLs and mix-ins to accomplish this (mixing events from public calendars into the Intranet calendars I will also create).

But, I'm wondering if it's possible to have certain event fields attached to public events that don't display on public calendars, but that I could display on my Intranet calendars?

For example, it would be great to have an "Internal Notes" field that contained many details about an event that we get asked via telephone all the time, but that would clutter up the public events calendar (parking info, meal choices, dress code, and so on). I would not publish this field to the event descriptions on the public calendars, but I would publish this field to the event descriptions on the Intranet calendars.

That way, our customer service folks could use the Intranet calendar as a knowledge base about our events, yet we'd maintain the efficiency of having just the one Trumba calendar database.

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What you can do when you set up custom fields is set any of those fields you think you do need to have hidden on a calendar is to set the Visibility to be hidden. Under Define Custom Fields, under the SECURITY section, ensure Allow this field to be published is unchecked.



When you add an event, you can type text or select a value from this field. This event can appear on one or more calendars. If this event will appear on the public facing calendar, you do not need to do anything. On the private calendar for the intranet, where you do want to display this field, go to the Publish Settings>Publish Settings tab>Edit Publish Settings. Locate Display unpublished fields and in the drop down menu, select one or more of the hidden custom fields that should be exposed for this published calendar.





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