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Adding Images when submitting an event via the Event Submission Form

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When using the event submission form, it does not allow users to submit an image. Can this feature be added? I have added a new calendar to my site and this specific calendar requires an image for each event. It would be much more convenient for the form to accept images rather than to have the user submit the form and then email me the image.

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In order to allow images to be submitted with an event using the event submission form, you want to ensure your event template(s) include Event Image. This is a built-in Image field that is automatically included in your Default template and you can add it to any template you create. When you set up the event submission form and the submissions require an approval process, submitter's can attach an image. If you are using both Event Image and Detail Image, you can allow your submitter's to upload two images.

You can locate this setting by going to Publish>Event Submission tab and then select Edit Settings & Styles. In addition to the setting to enable Event image and Detail image submission, you can also edit the labels for the fields that display:



NOTE: If you event submission process is set up without an approval process, the option to include an image is not allowed.

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