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Trumba and Google Maps

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We're having a series of events around the USA this summer. We've got the events described in a Trumba calendar, and use the Trumba information in various ways throughout our Web site.

Now, we've come up with the idea that we'd like to provide a map interface to the summer series of events. In other words, visitors to our site would see a map of the US with the location of each event "pinned." Using Google Maps APIs, we can embed a Google map in our Web page, have the location of each event appear as a "pin" on the map, and then have the event description appear when someone clicks on the pin. The event description comes courtesy of XML that we generate out of a separate database that contains lat/long coordinates and event details.

I would really love to eliminate the need for this separate database that we have to maintain in addition to the Trumba calendar entries for this event. The closest I can get today is by using the RSS/Atom feed from Trumba.

However, if I define custom fields such as latitude and longitude, they won't appear in the RSS feed unless they're "public" fields, but I don't really want this data to appear on the Trumba event descriptions, because it is not very understandable to the average calendar viewer.

Is there something I'm overlooking, or some way of manipulating the RSS feed that I've missed?

Better yet, perhaps is Trumba working on some kind of API that would provide data more directly to Google?

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I actually got a little bit of undocumented info from our feed developer today. He said there's a parameter that allows you to include unpublished fields in a feed if you're signed in. To include the fields, use privatecustomfields=true (or =1), for example:


The trick is that to get the fields to actually show up in the feed, you do have to be signed in to your account (otherwise anyone could use the parameter on your feed to display the fields). So, I guess it would work only if the situation were such that once you generate the feed and plug the data into your Google map, you would still be able to display the data in Google even if you're not signed in to Trumba, if that makes sense.


Trumba also offers the Map calendar view. When your events have a mapped location, you can use the Map calendar view that displays pushpins for the events on your calendar.

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