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One time vs Ongoing events


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I used to have a separate calendar for events that occur on an ongoing basis to keep my "new" events calendar from being clogged up with events that repeat every day. I found that people were overlooking the ongoing calendar, so I decided to mix it in with my new calendar. However, I would like people to be able to clear ongoing events with one click, rather than having to deselect every category that is mixed into the ongoing calendar. Currently, I have the ongoing calendar set as a top level calendar, but I've also tried doing it as a sub calendar - nothing seems to work.

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Most calendars have several ongoing/recurring events and sometimes it makes sense to have two calendars, one for one-time events and the other for ongoing/recurring events. This way you can publish both calendars or publish each calendar on separate pages.
By doing this you can then create promotion spuds to display just the ongoing events.
You can also set up a custom field, that allows you the option of tagging an event as a one-time event vs ongoing events. Then you can create a Filter Control Spud so a visitor can check/uncheck what type of event they want to display. For example "Type of Event" and you could create a value called "Ongoing Event" and another value for "One time event". When you are adding events to your calendar you will then tag the event to be an "Ongoing" or "One time event". By tagging theseevents with a value, you can then set up a Filter Control Spud to allows a visitor to display ongoing events on the calendar in addition to the one time events.

Here is a help topic with more details.

You can take this one step further and in addition to the steps above, you can set up a Filter View so when a person views the calendar you can hide the Ongoing events and only display the one-time events.

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