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I am having a problem with the event registration feature. I have created a registration even with custom questions and saved it. I then went into an event and edited the event registartion section to include open registration and a confirmation email, etc. I hit OK. It did not work. I went into the event to look and in the event registration tab, it continues to say: No registration information exists for this event with an explanation below of how to add the feature. I know I am doing it correctly, but it will not work. Is there something wrong with my form settings that is preventing me from adding a registration form to my events?

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When you set up an event that includes registration, the section that states "No registration information exists for this event" will appear until you have people signing up for the event that are providing you the information based on the contents of the registration form that is part of the event. What you also want to do is select the option to have Open Sign Up for the event and/or send invitations to register for this event so people know they need to sign up for the event. When you check "Open sign up for this event" you will see a Sign Up button next to the event title in most calendar views. You may also want to set a registration limit on this event, as well as set the maximum number of guests an attendee can bring to the event.

Here are a few links to some Help files that goes into more details on setting up events with Event Registration:

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/events/eventinvite_how.aspx

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/events/eventinvite_manage.aspx

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