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Wrapping Text around Image on Event Detail

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Is it possible to get an option in the event submission form that will allow option to have image "float" left or right? Currently, the image is inserted as a new column, which causes poor text formatting.

What I'm looking for is text wrapping in the event detail view. So, currently, we have an option to position the event detail image to the center, left or right, but we do not have the option to wrap the text around the image in the event detail view. Rather, the image appears in a separate column, frequently leading to awkward paragraph formatting. I had the same issue with including the map in the event detail, which is why I no longer include it.

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We offer two Event Details views that you can select from. To allow wrapping of the Description text around an image, what you do is set up your Event Detail to use Event Detail - Enhanced view. The Event Detail option does not allow for text wrapping around the image. When you set up or edit the Event Detail - Enhanced view, on the Settings tab, under Field Settings, you will want to set the Description Location to Above custom fields. Then for the Image position, which is under the Detail Image section, set Image position to Right.

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