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Event Submission Form Questions

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Currently, there is a way to not offer daily repeat in the submission form. Could it be possible to not allow repeat at all?

Next, I would like to see the ability to edit the title of default fields in the submission form or to omit certain default fields altogether. For my one event type, the start date and duration date chooser is not necessary in the submission form, if I include the publish dates and add a custom field for deadline date. The default date chooser implies the date the event starts, not the date they would like to start the listing. And for events that have a deadline, it gets confusing to some people. There is the ability to hide the web link or location. I think we should have the ability to hide the date fields as well so that we could add custom fields.

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The event submission form settings do allow you to hide some or all of the repeating options or pick and choose specific repeating patterns to hide; change the labels of most of the built-in fields and you can also set anĀ option to set All Day as the default duration on the form. You can find these settings for the event submission form under Publish>Event Submission tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles.

You can customize the event submission form and include additional instructions in one of the three text fields (Before Submitter; After Submitter Info or Before Event Info sections). Here you can provide detailed instructions on how to fill out the form and what values to enter/provide into each field below. This may help clarify it for the users to help avoid confusion.

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