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Event Submission Form

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When you scroll down a page to fill out all of the fields in a Trumba submission form and select Next, you are sent to the approval screen, where you have the option to submit or go back. The problem is that if the form is long, you will not be able to see the submit button or any of the text on that screen. Could you fix that so when someone hits the next button, the anchor is the top of the form on the next page, similar to when you click an event on a calendar spud and go to the detail page? You always go to the top, the event title.

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Have you tried changing the height of the event submission form on your page? It is currently "height: 775", however it is hard to know what the height should be as you will no idea how long the submission will be based on the contents of the Notes field. I see you have some instructions below the form and you may want to put these instructions within the event submission form, possibly in the Before Submitter Section. Another idea would be to place the event submission form within a DIV tag or iFrame and possibly use scroll bars?

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