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Popup Event Detail Spud

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I have a password protected calendar that I mix in events from other calendars. I use a promotion spud which contains the events from one of the mixed in calendars. I set the teaserBase of that spud to be the page of my password protected calendar, because I do not want people to get access to the full event details unless they sign up. That all works fine. However, I would like to remove the "ADD TO CALENDAR" link on the bottom of the popup spud so that they can not just add all the events to their calendar. Is that possible?


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Unfortunately the Event Actions that appear on the popup cannot be removed. The only “workaround” I can suggest is for you to edit the settings. Go to Publish/Calendar Spuds tab and then click on Edit Settings & Styles for the Popup spud. Select the Styles tab and locate the Event Actions section. Here you can change the Link size to 0pt and also set the color to transparent. Go ahead and then click OK. Select the Publish Settings tab and click on Edit Settings & Icons. Select the Icons tab and locate the Event Action Icons section and change these icons to [No image] and then click OK. All of the event actions and icons will now “disappear” from the event detail, with the exception of the small drop down field icon – and we do not have a way of hiding that for you.

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