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Advice needed on creating "Featured events" calendar

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I am running multiple calendars for our community. I want to create a featured events calendar to put on the front page of our website.

This calendar will have an image for each event, and will include events that go over multiple days or even weeks.

I need a calendar spud view that will;

1. Show the image

2. Only display the event once on the screen, not repeating to display it for the multiple days

3. Allow truncation of the description - say 200 characters (allow user to click on it for full details)

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You can try using the List view and set it to display only the events for the current day. Also, with recurring events, you could make the opening night and closing night featured events and have separate categories for "opening" and "closing". That would allow you to set up other spuds just for openings and closings.


Kevin Blair said:
Thanks Soleil! Solves everything... except for the image attached to the event. If I could just add this I would be so happy. Any thoughts?
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One other idea for you, if you do have a featured levels custom field set up on your account, you would use the Photo Upcoming Promotion spud and there is a setting within the Promotion Spuds to only display specific featured levels. You could position this promotion spud on your home page and it will link back to your main calendar page. There are also settings for the promotion spuds to only show the current days events. I think the promotion spud may work better for you instead of a main calendar if you plan on just showcasing a few featured events on the home page.


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