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Passing eventid in link


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Not sure if it is possible, but here we go. Each event title in a calendar is clickable and drills in to the event details for that event. Therefore, each event title passes the eventid. In my basic calendar: http://www.asingularcreation.com/list.htm I have events that are featured and events that are not. The ones that are not featured only display 200 characters from the notes field. So if the notes are more that 200 characters, what is displayed is the first 200, followed by "...", which implies that there is more. Is there any way I could add a link after the ... that would drill in to the detailed view by passing the eventid?




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We do have a permalink which you can pull for each event. To locate the permalink, go to your published calendar and when you click on an event to view the event details, you will see the Permalink in the lower right corner of the event detail page. When you click the Permalink you will notice the URL of your webpage will change and that is the permalink you can copy/paste and use. In addition to the permalink there is also the QR code icon to the right of the permalink and when you click on the link, the QR code page will also display the URL of the permalink that you can copy. You will have to do this for each event to capture the permalink.

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The permalink is not an option. I need something that is dynamic, not something I have to manually enter. What I need is the same as what is currently the norm for the promotion spud popup window i am attaching as an image. There is a "more info" link that is associated with each event. That link takes you to the detail view of that event. That is what I need to happen for my list view calendar. If there are more details than are not showing, I would like to be able to have a link that says: "more info" to take you to the event detail screen. It would be best if in the publishing control panel / calendar spuds / edit settings and styles for calendar views, that could be one of the field types you could choose from for each event type. A "more info" field, which would be a link to the event detail screen.


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There is the Event Detail Link for both the Classic Table and List calendar views. To locate this, select your published calendar in Trumba and click Publish>Calendar spuds tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles for the List calendar view. Select the Events: Default tab and select the [add new field] drop down menu. From here you will see the Event Detail Link value you can select. Once selected the default label appears as “More…” that you can customize. Repeat the same steps with the Classic Table view, however for this view you will find the [add new field] on the General Settings tab.

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