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You can include payment options on invitation-only or open-invitation events. To implement paid registration, you follow these steps:

  1. Contact Trumba to request that paid registration features be enabled on your Trumba® Connect account.
  2. Learn about the payment process.
  3. Determine which payment methods to offer and compare the processes from the visitor’s perspective.
  4. Link your Trumba account with your merchant account.
  5. Enable payment and refund options on events.

If you want to accept payments for events that your visitors register for, you need to establish a payment gateway between your Trumba account and your merchant account. Trumba has support for the following Payment Gateways: Authorize.net, Higher One (CASHNet), Paypal Express Checkout, Instamed, Touchnet and Stripe.

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Question about paid event registration. Is it possible to set up an event where "members" are free but "non-members" have to pay? I think I could probably set up two events for the same event, one for members where I specify their email addresses (invitation only) and another for non-members that I make open to the public, but that might get confusing and there's the potential for members to sign up non-members.




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Setting up the two different events may be a good option and set up the Invitation for members to avoid having non-members signing up a member. You then have to manage two different events instead of one. If you set up one event to manage both members and non-members, you can set up the payment to show the member price and non-member price and they select the option. As people register you will see the email confirmations from people come through and you could monitor the registration responses and if you spot a person who registers as a member and they are a non-member, you could then contact them and have them "re-register" as a non-member. You could also edit their response and cancel their registration and send them an email to register as a non-member.

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