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Custom Event Registration Form Questions


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I'm setting up a custom event registration form and it seem like the questions "Name" and "Email Address" are automatically part of the registration form....is that correct? I'm asking because I do not want my registered attendees to provide an email address, but it doesn't seem like that possible.

Am I doing something wrong in that I can't get rid of the email address field...or the "name" field for that matter?

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By default the Name and Email address fields are required for registration as this is how Trumba tracks the registrant and allows an email confirmation to be sent to that registrant as well as notify the registrant if the event is cancelled. There is an option on the Event Registration tab to make the Name and Email Address fields optional. You can also modify the Your Name and Your Email address label for the published calendar by going to Publish Settings>Publish Settings tab and the select the Edit EA Settings button.

MORE INFORMATIONSet up Event Registration

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