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Filter and Calendar not displaying all past/future events


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I have a calendar and filter spud on my page. Currently, it only lists 2 categories when there are 3. The items included in the filter spud are from all 3 categories, but when I select the third category, no events display on the calendar when there are events on my calendar in the past and future that match this filter value.

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For your third filter, value, this is not appearing as there are no current events that have been tagged with that category. The Filter/Search cache we use is set to look 12 months into the past and 24 months into the future. I checked your events and the last event tagged with that third category is out of the current date range for the filter cache, so it has fallen out of range for the filter to pick up this in the Filter.

There is a way to bypass this cache but it will slow down your search and filtering. On your account you can select your published calendar and click Publish Settings>Publish Settings tab and then select Edit Publish Settings. Locate the setting for Enable filter cache and set this from Yes to No. When this is set to Yes (default), it speeds up filter performance, but limits the date range to one year in the past to two years in the future.

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