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Access Trumba from a Secure Server


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My setup is a dedicated secure server which a few hundred users access for records management. We need a collaborative calendar that can be edited by any user (or securities set internally for access to the link).

Would embedding allow full function edit capability? Would the "publishing" that is required to embed require your server to have unrestricted access to our server?

Assuming there are limitations, is there a Trumba lease product for hosting on remote servers?

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Unfortunately, I'm not sure if Trumba would be the right thing in your situation. If you want everyone to have edit access, everyone would need his/her own account. Technically, you can have multiple people signing in to the same account, but with that many people, it would probably become bothersome pretty quickly. 

Also, yes, to update your calendar properly and to be able to display it in the web site/page in which you embed it, you would have to be able to exchange info regularly between your site and users and the Trumba server.

Finally, currently, our licensing is single-user based.

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Thanks for the frank (and on target) assessment and feedback.

Because of the secure server environment, yes, I think we would need a product that would be hosted on that server. From what I have seen, this would be a great product to choose to do that. As for multiple concurrent users accessing for editing, we could control that (I think) with the links at our end ... but the open communications ... I'm sure it could be technically worked out, but due to certain proprietary, etc. restrictions on our end, we would never get over that hurdle.

I would be very interesting in the new product (self hosting ... leasing?). Unfortunately, my timeframe for getting "something" up and running is only a few weeks (4 at most). I suspect that is too tight to expect you to be able to support.

I am also looking a just providing a link to the published calendar (published on your site / password protected) from our server. This is very workable. But, my thinking is to have the edit capability as if a single user ... all couple hundred potential users would have the same (single) log in info for editing.

(1) Is this allowed by your T&Cs? (save me the time of studying)

(2) I assume if a second logon was attempted while the first login was still editing, an error or "view-only" prompt would occur (?)

But let me know if/when that option is available.

Thanks again


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Hi Dan.

Our Terms of Use say that:

"Only one individual may access the Service at the same time using the same username and password."

When more than one person is logged in with the same login, an alert will be presented to that user alerting them that another person is also logged in and it may log the other person out of the system.


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