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Multiple Subscribers' Calendars (Top Level)


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Setting up one account with ~ dozen (paid) subscribers.

As account owner it appears that any/all subscribers top-level calendars they may create will be available to me to view/edit/etc ... true? Or will those top-level subscriber calendars only be accessible with that subscriber's login?

If they are uniquely login protected, I presume the subscriber could still add events from that calendar to the main top-level calendar (it would be "shared").

As owner of the master Top-Level shared calendar, can I create other top-level calendars that are only accessible by me?

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Whether it's another person/subscriber in your group or you creating the calendar, the person who creates it (calendar owner) determines who else can see the calendar through sharing. In addition, the calendar owner determines the level of sharing (read, read/write, read/publish). Until the calendar owner shares a calendar, no one else will be able to see any calendars that person creates (unless they log in as that person).

Finally, these rules apply to top-level calendars as well as subcalendars. Subcalendars are just a way for you to organize things visually. There's no real hierarchical or inheritance relationship between parent and child calendars. The only one that's different is your primary calendar, which is always top-level and cannot be deleted. (On that note, for your sharing calendar, you might want to create a calendar that you share, rather than using your primary calendar.)

Once a calendar is shared with read/write permission, the people who have been given those permissions can add and edit events on the shared calendar (but not others in the owner's account that aren't shared).

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