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Line Wrapping in Event Descriptions


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Is there a way--other than entering the line break <br /> tag-to control the line width of text that is pasted into the description field?

I find that the published activities sometimes wind up with unexpected line widths: some at a reasonably and expected width, but others that do not wrap until the full width of the display area is exhausted.

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The first thing I thought of is that you may have copied and pasted your description from another source. Sometimes when you do that, the text contains returns that aren't obvious in it's original setting. This may have been responsible for your short lines.

When I have to copy and paste something into a web-bound document, I often paste the text first into Notepad. This makes the "hidden" returns obvious so that I can fix them before copying and pasting back into the html document. (It also clears all the formatting so I have virgin text for my new document, and no formatting hassles.)

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