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Custom Field behavior (Published vs Hidden)

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We need to be able to keep track of two kinds of events in the church:

(1) Public events that will be advertised on the website through a calendar spud and

(2) Private events such as rentals that will not be advertised on the website.

I've set up a system where I've got a top level "container" calendar that has all of the public events divided up into sub calendars, like worship, religious education, committee meetings, etc. I've mixed these into the top level calendar and added spuds for that calendar to the site. It's all good.

I've set up another top-level container calendar that has sub calendars for all of the private events, rentals, etc. I was planning to publish this as a "master" calendar, mixing in absolutely all of the sub calendars, so that you can see everything that's going on in the church at the same time, both public and private. (the conference template works beautifully for this, if you can divide it up by room. See my post in web developers about this subject) This calendar would be published as non-searchable and password protected so that only certain people (like the office staff, committee chairs, etc) can look at it and see everything that's going on, and all the rooms that are being used on any given day.

When you're managing a resource like a room, you need to be able to schedule an event for both the actual time that the event is taking place (the public part of the event) AND the setup and cleanup time.

I've added some custom fields for setup and clean up times. I want these to display when someone goes to the master calendar, so they can see when a room is actually committed. I don't want them to display in the public calendars (the public doesn't care or need to know about setup and cleanup).

Is there a way of structuring the calendars that would allow me to hide these field when I mix them into one calendar, but show them when I mix them into a different calendar?

In the alternative, I'm thinking that I can have a separate calendar just for setups and cleanups. I'd have to figure out a reasonably streamlined process for the secretary, who abhors any kind of duplicative effort, to use the "copy event" and perhaps the "also shows on" functions to add in the setup and cleanup time.

Have any other users run into the setup/cleanup time problem? How have you handled it?


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When you are creating custom fields, you have the option of making fields hidden and then setting an override on published calendars to make those fields visible.

When you go to create or edit a custom field, at the very bottom you will see a SECURITY section and what you do is uncheck the option "Allow this field to be published". This will make this custom field a "hidden" field.


To make this field and the data of this field visible on another published calendar, in the Published Settings for that published calendar (Publish>Publish Settings>Edit Publish Settings) you can set the override and select your hidden custom fields from the drop down for Display unpublished fields:


MORE INFORMATION: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_fields.aspx

DISPLAY UNPUBLISHED FIELDS: https://www.trumba.com/help/publish/pub_fields.aspx#show_unpublished

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