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Maintain an email list for those who OPT out?

Guest Virginia58

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We maintain an email list separate from Trumba. Upon sign up, users can request calendar updates. Periodically we export those names and import them in to Trumba for the weekly calendar updates. My question is, how do I know who has opted out of the trumba list so that I don't keep reimporting their name? If they have opted out, using the link at the bottom of the weekly email, then will they never receive more emails, even if I import their name again?

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If someone opts out and back in, you as the sender don't know. However, if you keep them on your distribution list, they have the choice to opt back in and do receive the email again from the point at which they opt in. If you know that they've opted out and remove them from your distribution list, they won't be able to opt back in, unless you've enabled email subscribing on your published calendar.

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According to our in-house legal departments review of this question, Trumba Corporation adheres to the Email privacy laws as well as the rules outlined by the Federal Trade Commission. To protect the privacy rights of the owner of an email address, any communication of an OPT out request, other than to Trumba Corporation where the email address is flagged to opt out from an email distribution list, would be in violation of the privacy rights for the person that owns that email address.

When a person has subscribed to an email and/or they opt out, for personal privacy, they may not want anyone to know they have opted out from receiving an email and it is their right to that privacy. Trumba has adopted this privacy policy and Trumba email functionality is designed around this type of privacy protection for an end user.

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