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  1. Yes, here is a little blurb from our What's New page for you on this (see the September 10, 2007 entry "Back to School" for the full post). Featured Events See this online help topic for more in-depth coverage so that specific events can stand out on your calendar. Featured Events are only supported on the Classic Table, List and Tile calendar views. Featured Events can also be set up to display in Promotion Spuds.
  2. On the event templates, all custom fields must be positioned before the Description field. On some of the calendar views however you can reposition the order of fields.
  3. You can embed your calendar on multiple websites, either by giving those websites the same spud code (for the same settings and styles) or by creating multiple copies of the same spud (with the exception of the main calendar spud), configuring each copy differently, and then giving other websites the appropiate spud code. It's very easy to create multiple copies of the same spud, you just keep picking that spud in the Add a Promotion Spud setup process or select the Clone Spud link after you set up at least one Control Spud or one Promotion Spud. Here is a link to the help topic that describes this functionality: Clone Spuds If you want to be able to stop those websites from showing your calendar spud at a later date, once the spud code is out there on a page, there's no way to automatically turn it off from within Trumba. Other than asking the website admin to remove the spud code (the best approach), the only way to stop it from showing your calendar information would be to change your spud in some way that would result in the other website's code breaking. For example, you might unpublish the calendar referred to in the spud code and then republish it with a different web name. I wouldn't really recommend doing this though because it would also break other things like calendar feeds and subscriptions to your calendar.
  4. Hi Dean, I haven't heard back from the developer on this bug yet, but what I can recommend in the meantime is to make sure you (or anyone else adding event description information) include spaces between the times and words in the description. In other words, instead of entering something like: 9:30&11:30a.m.Worship enter it like this: 9:30 & 11:30 a.m. Worship Have you had any new issues with any description information being dropped from the beginning since you first reported this? Regards, Nancy / Trumba Support
  5. Trumba Pricing

    Our pricing page describes what you get when paying the monthly fee of $99.95 for Trumba Connect, which is the following: Hosted calendar software and event content management system. Frequent automatic updates and product enhancements. One Trumba Connect single user license. Technical support by phone, email, and the product support forum. Up to 1 million page views per month of your event information, including calendars, event details, and other promotion spuds. If you are also hoping for implementation/consulting/training assistance on how to set up your calendaring system, you would need to contact someone in our sales group (1-800-925-0388) as this is not included in the monthly service fee.
  6. Hi Dean, Sorry you're experiencing this odd behavior. I looked at your calendar and one issue I noticed was when the name of the event did not have spaces, for example: &11:30a.m.worship, the odd behavior occurs. When I added a space between "a.m." and "Worship" in your calendar (hope that's OK with you that I was testing this), the problem went away. However, I don't know why this is occurring or why the 9:30 is getting removed from the beginning of the event name. It's possible the use of the "&" in the title is causing a problem, but I don't want to recommend that you change that to an "and" until we investigate this a bit. I am going to report your issue as a bug and I'll get back to you with what I find out. Regards, Nancy / Trumba Support p.s. One other question for you - did you import the data for these events, or did the person who entered this data enter it directly into your Trumba account?
  7. Hi CBS, Sorry for any inconvenience this might be causing you. We have submitted a request to use the previous behavior of staying on the selected date when switching between calendars. However, with the recent changes in how we display calendars, we may need to stay with the new behavior. I will add more information to this thread when I find out which behavior we're going to go with. Regards, Nancy / Trumba Support
  8. You can remove the "PRINT | SUBSCRIBE | iCAL | RSS" from the top of the Main Calendar. To do this, select your published calendar in Trumba and select Publish>Calendar Spuds tab. From here click Edit Settings & Styles for the Main Calendar Spud and select the Calendar Actions Panel tab. Here you can select to hide/show those options. You can remove "Add to my calendar, Forward to friends, Other event actions, Print, & Permalink" in the event detail display. To do this, select your published calendar in Trumba and select Publish>Calendar Spuds tab. From here click Edit Settings & Styles for the Event Detail View. Locate the FOOTER section and it is here where you can hide/show Event Actions, the Print option and the Permalink options as well as other options for social media.
  9. Hi Gary, This functionality should already be rolled into production. I'm seeing it when I look at your published calendar. Is there some particular view where you are not seeing the correct link color? Regards, Nancy / Trumba Support
  10. Hi Evan, I think I get what you are saying : ). I don't expect that calendar/sub-calendar inheritance will change any time soon, so here is the best solution I can offer at the moment. The way to get events from a third-level subcalendar to show in a mixed-in sub-calendar without mixing the third-level sub-calendar directly into the top-level calendar is to do the following: Mark the events in the third-level sub-calender as Also Shows On and specify the mixed-in sub-calendar as where they also show. This way, the events are still owned by the third-level sub-calendar, but copies of the events appear in the mixed-in subcalendars. The drawback to this is that you are seeing the same events in the third-level and second-level calendars and you can't mix them out. Here's a post that discusses this (though for a slightly different issue): http://forums.trumba.com/index.php?s=&...post&p=4751 Here is a help topic on using the Also Shows On feature: http://www.trumba.com/help/event.html#form To add multiple events to the a calendar, view your events in List view, then select (check) the one you want to also show on another calendar. Then choose the Add events to... option at the top of the list and select the calendar you want them to also appear on (click Go to complete the process). Kind regards, Nancy / Trumba Support
  11. calendar views

    Hi Joe, Thanks for sending in this suggestion. Compact list, 3 Columns, and Table views can almost get you there, but not exactly the way you are asking for. I'll pass on your request to our dev team for consideration of different customization options. Regards, Nancy / Trumba Support
  12. Importing a .csv file

    If you have already imported all of the events into at least one calendar, you might consider just stopping there and moving the events to the correct owning sub-calendar. For example, you could have an event that is in Seattle, which you could change the owning calendar to one of the sub-calendars. If this calendar is set to mix in to the BIG calendar there is nothing else you need to do. If you want to import one file and have events be owned by different calendars, add the following column header to your CSV file: Calendar Then make sure your calendar names match the exact name of the calendars as they exist in Trumba within the spreadsheet. When you go to import the CSV file in Trumba, select the file and when you see the Map Fields screen, you will see the map value for Calendar and to the right, select Multiple Calendars from the drop down and click Next to continue through the import wizard. This will now import events into each sub-calendar.
  13. Changing the Time Zone of events

    Whenever you change the time zone setting for a calendar, you can't stop it from affecting the events on the calendar. But we can offer you a workaround to fix the times of events whatever time zone setting you end up using. To shift the time of multiple events In your Trumba editing environment, display your calendar in List view, and then select all the events you want to adjust. At the top of the calendar, from the drop-down list, select Shift time by, and then enter the number of hours. If you need to make event times earlier, use negative numbers. http://www.trumba.com/help/timezones_example.html http://www.trumba.com/help/timezoneswork.html http://www.trumba.com/help/timezones.html
  14. The text "Hosted calendar powered by" along with the Trumba icon is always be displayed in the hosted view of a Trumba calendar. However, if you use spuds to display your calendar information, the text and icon are not displayed. Here are a few links on spuds that you might want to check out: https://www.trumba.com/connect/webcalendars..._are_spuds.aspx https://www.trumba.com/connect/webcalendars/spud_gallery.aspx
  15. Only a publisher accounts will be able to delete calendars. If you discover that you have deleted a calendar in error, you have 28 days to restore the calendar yourself. After 28 days, events on calendar start being deleted and the calendar is removed from the Recently Deleted Calendars list. Here is a link to a help topic with more details on how to Restore a Deleted calendar. After you restore a calendar you may have to republish the calendar as all deleted calendars are unpublished. If you cannot find the calendar as being deleted, the calendar may also have been accidentally hidden. To view hidden calendars, select Manage your calendars under the CALENDAR TASKS section under your calendar list. If the calendar has been hidden you will see the word Hidden next to the calendar name. To display the calendar, click the blue drop down arrow to the right of the calendar name and select Show Calendar.