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  1. If you cannot sign-in to your Trumba account (you are taken back to the sign-in page with no failure message), the fix is to perform a sign-out which deletes the Trumba cookie used for sign-in. Go ahead and click this link and once you have done this you should be able to sign-in successfully. https://www.trumba.com/t.aspx?z=PageThunderSignOut
  2. We do have a permalink which you can pull for each event. To locate the permalink, go to your published calendar and when you click on an event to view the event details, you will see the Permalink in the lower right corner of the event detail page. When you click the Permalink you will notice the URL of your webpage will change and that is the permalink you can copy/paste and use. In addition to the permalink there is also the QR code icon to the right of the permalink and when you click on the link, the QR code page will also display the URL of the permalink that you can copy. You will have
  3. Trumba allows the event image to be included in your Calendar Emails (digest emails) on Trumba Connect accounts. Detail Images and Inline Images are supported in the List calendar view email template. To enable event images to appear with your daily/weekly emails, select the published calendar in Trumba that the email is coming from and then click Publish>Email tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles for the Calendar Email template. If you do not already have your Calendar Email template created, select Add a Calendar Email that appears to the far right. On the Settings tab at th
  4. Within your Trumba account, your event template may be set up to allow both the event image and detail image. The event image is typically a small thumbnail image that appears on the main calendar view and the detail image is typically a larger and/or different image from the event image. The detail image appears when a site visitor clicks on an event title to view the detail about the event. For accounts that have an event submission form, you can change the label for both event image and detail image as well as decide whether or not you want to allow a submitter to upload only an event
  5. The Prev/Next buttons and forward/back arrows on various calendar spuds and promotion spuds can be customized. The settings can be set on a per published calendar is you are using navigation buttons, or if you are creating your own navigation images, these are set on a spud-by-spud basis (there is not a global setting) so you have complete control over which views use which images. To create and set navigation buttons for a published calendar view, go to Publish Settings>Calendar Spuds tab and select Edit Settings & Styles for the Main Calendar. From here select the Paging Buttons
  6. Trumba has Paid Registration If you want to accept payments for events that your visitors register for, you need to establish a payment gateway between your Trumba account and your merchant account. Supported gateway providers as of July 2020: Authorize.net - This gateway allows payment by major credit or debit cards. CASHnet - This gateway does not support refunds through the Trumba paid registration interface. Higher One® (formerly CASHNet®) - This gateway allows payment by major credit or debit cards and ACH (Automated Clearing House) account debit. PayPal
  7. When you add or edit an event, you enter in the address in the Location field and select Map Link: You can also enter in Lat/Long coordinates. Trumba remembers the last 50 addresses you have mapped. When you click Recent, this is a fast way to automatically fill in and map the location field without having to retype and map the address manually. Click here for more information on adding map links to events.
  8. You can allow your site visitors to quickly post events to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This is only available on the Event Detail views for the event. The options appear at the bottom of the Event Details screen along with the other Event Actions such as Add to My Calendar, Forward to Friends, etc. To share a Trumba event to Facebook: Click the Facebook icon in the footer of an event detail page. The Share on Facebook page appears. Click the Share to News Feed or Story drop-down at the upper-left of the page, and then select whether to Share to News Feed or
  9. We have options on the event detail view to allow visitors to quickly post events to Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is also another option that you can enable on the event detail settings. These options are only available on the Event Detail view for the event. The options appear at the bottom of the Event Details screen along with the other Event Actions such as Add to My Calendar, Forward to Friends, etc: If you select the Post to Facebook icon and you are not logged in to Facebook you will see a login screen for you to log in to your Facebook account.
  10. One other idea for you, if you do have a featured levels custom field set up on your account, you would use the Photo Upcoming Promotion spud and there is a setting within the Promotion Spuds to only display specific featured levels. You could position this promotion spud on your home page and it will link back to your main calendar page. There are also settings for the promotion spuds to only show the current days events. I think the promotion spud may work better for you instead of a main calendar if you plan on just showcasing a few featured events on the home page. Steve
  11. If you're having trouble signing in to your Trumba account: First, verify that you're using the correct email address and password. If your credentials are correct and you still can't sign in, click this link to force a full sign out. Then, try signing in again. If you're still having trouble, please use your browser settings to delete all cookies. Then restart the browser, and try signing in again. You can also email Support@corp.trumba.com and they can assist you.
  12. According to our in-house legal departments review of this question, Trumba Corporation adheres to the Email privacy laws as well as the rules outlined by the Federal Trade Commission. To protect the privacy rights of the owner of an email address, any communication of an OPT out request, other than to Trumba Corporation where the email address is flagged to opt out from an email distribution list, would be in violation of the privacy rights for the person that owns that email address. When a person has subscribed to an email and/or they opt out, for personal privacy, they may not want an
  13. Unfortunately, Google cannot index/spider into the Trumba spuds. When you search for an event using Google for example, the results will display the hCalendar page (if your published Trumba calendar is set to be searchable), however there is not a link directly to the events. Trumba does offer a searchable web page that we can work with you on to easily setup. If you are interested, please contact Trumba Support.
  14. Google cannot index/spider into the Trumba spuds. When you search for an event using Google for example, the results will display the hCalendar page (if your published Trumba calendar is set to be searchable), however there is not a link directly to the events. Trumba can also work with you to create an SEO page for your site that may work for you. Please contact support@corp.trumba.com for more information.
  15. Issue: When importing an ICS file, the "Our Bad" error appears. Solution: Open the ICS file in a text editor such as Notepad. The ICS file may have a malformed new line characters in it: "\n". Remove these from the ICS file by performing a Find/Replace (with nothing or a space) and resave the file and it will then import correctly in to Trumba.
  16. When you use Trumba event registration with the Open Sign Up option enabled on the event registration tab, you see a Sign Up button next to the event title on the published calendar/event details. If you do not use the wait list options, once the event reaches the registration limit the icon will display as Event is full. The event will remain visible on the calendar. This button, along with the Sign Up and Wait List are customizable buttons (and the labels can also be customized) so you can create and upload your own button for various calendar views as well as the event detail views.
  17. We have the ability to hide the "new" and "changed" indicators on the digest (daily, weekly) emails that go out from your published calendars. You will need to be using the List Email template and not the Classic Email template. To turn off these indicators, select your published calendar so it has a black check mark and click Publish>Email tab and from here if you have not set up the List Calendar Email template. If you have already set up the Calendar Email template, click Edit Settings & Styles for the List Calendar Email. Select the New/Updated Events tab. On this page you can set
  18. The Month List control spud includes settings for customization. The Month List control spud can be found under the Publishing Control panel on the Control Spuds tab. When you select Add a Control Spud, you will see this spud that you can include on your webpage. This spud works well when positioned directly above the main calendar spud and allows a site visitor a quick way to navigate to different months on your calendar, instead of having to click the navigation buttons that are above/below the main calendar.
  19. Here is a tip on using Trumba with Word Press that I wanted to pass along. One way to get around WP’s non-support of Javascript is to create an include and/or HTMLl file that has just the code they require for the instance of the calendar (which can be as much as an entire “page” with tables, calendar spud, control spud, and then place it on your own web server. On the template page you can created in Word Press, use iFrames to reference the file and pull it into WordPress by this means. Here is the iFrame code they used in the WP page template: <iframe frameborder="0" style
  20. The Timezone Picker Unlabeled Control Spud, is a spud that should be used on your website if your calendar includes events happening in multiple time zones and also allows visitors to change the timezone that events are displayed in as Trumba will automatically display the times of the events in that timezone. If you would like the Timezone Picker Control Spud to remember the timezone selected by the user so they do not have to select the timezone each time they visit your calendar, you can enable the option to "Remember visitor timezone" by selecting Edit Settings & Styles for the Timezon
  21. While the sorting of an RSS Feed is typically handled by the RSS Reader (browser), we offer a setting in the RSS Feed setting called "Publish Date Source". By default we will display the Event Start Date and we have seen this setting can cause some RSS Readers to reverse the order of your RSS Feed. What you can do is change this setting to "No Publish Date" and your RSS Feeds should now display in the correct order.
  22. Most of our promotion spuds can be configured to display events in both ascending and descending order. This allows the promotion spuds to be used to publish news and announcements in addition to events. Within the settings for the Promotion spuds, select the Descending (Past) option:
  23. Most calendars have several ongoing/recurring events and sometimes it makes sense to have two calendars, one for one-time events and the other for ongoing/recurring events. This way you can publish both calendars or publish each calendar on separate pages. By doing this you can then create promotion spuds to display just the ongoing events. Another idea for you if you do not want to set up another calendar is to set up a custom field, for example "Type of Event" and you could create a value called "Ongoing Event" and another value for "One time event". When you are adding events to your
  24. Trumba allows for event image resizing or cropping across supported promotion spuds and calendar views. You will see this for the Photo Upcoming Spud as well as a few of the Calendar Views. You can have the images automatically scale down to a specific width or height that you specify instead of having to resize the image prior to adding them to your events. For example, if you select Publish Settings>Promotion Spuds tab and then click Edit Settings & Styles for the Promotion Spud you will see these Image Options. If you change this to “Reduce” and set the width to 100 (Pixels) then
  25. We do offer a Custom Email Sender option. If this is something you may be interested in, please contact Trumba Support and we can help you determine if this can be set up on your account.
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