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Displaying information about an event on the event detail page is straight forward. All of the event fields that are on your event template get displayed when there is data for those fields. What if we do not want all of the fields to display on the event detail page?

Example: You have a calendar which lists a bunch of events with a lot of info. So on the main calendar view, you have a List spud which shows a summary because you do not want to show all of the details. You also do not want to truncate the Description field on the main calendar view because it might not show all of the summary. What you want is to show the Summary field on the main calendar view, but show the Description field on the event detail page. You do not want to show both on the event detail page because it would be repetitive.

Is there any plans to allow users to choose what fields to display on the detail page?

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I second this request. I too would love the option of choosing which fields display on the event details page, mainly because a lot of the time the Summary and Description fields tend to be pretty similar and displaying both is repetitive. I tend to think that the Summary field will display in the main calendar page (due to space reasons) and then when the visitor clicks the link to go to the event details page then the Description field could be displayed (and the Summary field hidden...if given the choice).

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Currently the Classic Table, List and Tile calendar views along with a the Photo Upcoming, Event Slider, and Upcoming Date table Promotion Spud allow you to control the fields that display. So on these views you can option show the Summary custom field and not the Description field. There is not an option currently to control the fields that appear on the event detail views. Currently all published fields will display on the Event Details page.

You may want to also consider not creating a Summary custom field. Instead, you may be able to reserve and use the built-in Description field as your Summary. In the Description field, you may want to reserve the first 200 characters of the Description field as the "summary". On your calendar views you can then include the Description field and allow it to only display 200 characters, which would display the "summary" text. Then on the event details, you will see the full Description field, including the "summary" text.

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